Bryan DeMartini


About me


Bryan has had such a positive impact on his life by introducing lifting weights, it has literally saved his life on a couple different occasions. He feels at his best and most comfortable when he’s in the gym and can honestly say that it is the most important part of his life

Bryan loves helping people with their fitness journey and continually strives to purvey his love of fitness to clients. Nothing makes himself happier than when clients can share in a huge accomplishment in the gym together like a PR, or weight gain/loss goal. He has been training for over 10 years and started training at a large corporate gym. He even started his own training company by renting spaces at large CrossFit gyms during their down times. He Overall took a break from training for a couple years to focus on other aspects of his life, but hes back now and would love to work alongside you towards your fitness and health goals.